Today in the city Los Lunas 21.06.2018

Weather in the city Los Lunas for week

20/06/2018 Day's temperature: 33.38°C

t° max: 33.38°C  t° min:20.57°C

Humidity: 11%, Pressure:843.17

21/06/2018 Day's temperature: 30.89°C

t° max: 34.16°C  t° min:11.58°C

Humidity: 17%, Pressure:847.75

22/06/2018 Day's temperature: 33.58°C

t° max: 36.43°C  t° min:15.68°C

Humidity: 13%, Pressure:843.6

23/06/2018 Day's temperature: 31.85°C

t° max: 32.53°C  t° min:11.34°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:818.56

24/06/2018 Day's temperature: 28.78°C

t° max: 30.22°C  t° min:16.42°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:818.39

25/06/2018 Day's temperature: 29.61°C

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t° max: 29.69°C  t° min:18.44°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:819.11

26/06/2018 Day's temperature: 31.35°C

t° max: 33.09°C  t° min:10.5°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:822.94

27/06/2018 Day's temperature: 33.82°C

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t° max: 33.99°C  t° min:12.35°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:824.1

28/06/2018 Day's temperature: 34.41°C

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t° max: 34.41°C  t° min:15.3°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:822.95

29/06/2018 Day's temperature: 33.38°C

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t° max: 33.38°C  t° min:13.65°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:821.73

Weather in the city Los Lunas the week
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