Today in the city Los Lunas 23.03.2019

Bosque Farms Jr Rodeo 2018

bosque farms Jr Rodeo.

QRP Breaking Bad Ham Radio

Corrected audio issue. Join me for a hike and QRP adventure near one of the shooting locations for the hit show Breaking Bad. I will be hiking up the trail-head ...

No sanding furniture painting the easy way.

Painting with chalk paint makes painting furniture easy. No sanding or priming just paint! Hang out with me as I blend 4 different colors on this piece SHOP WISE ...

Spy Hunter! Searching for numbers stations with my SDR dongle.

It's a stormy cold gloomy weekend here in NM, so I am going to stay inside and play around my RTL-SDR dongle and see if I can hear some of the mysterious ...

Backyard QRP - Happy Holidays from Tech Gear Junkie

Finding a little bit of time this busy Holiday season for a little Backyard QRP work.

2019 GMC Sierra AT4 !!! In a Class of it's Own

Home of the Lifetime warranty!! Los Lunas NM - Home of Facebook Great Deals For Great People.

Tome Hill Pilgrimage Hike - Good Friday

Every year thousands from around Valencia county and beyond wake up early and join the annual journey of pilgrims making the hike up the mildly step trail of ...

New mexico music : punyo de Tierra and Flor del Rio

New mexico music by randy g.

QRP - Airplanes, and underwater car, motorcycle and Ham Radio!

2nd Version - corrected audio Join me for a motorcycle (Suzuki DL 650 Vstrom) ride around my home county with some remote ham radio operating and other ...

Bus Blogs #1 New Mexico State University Orientation

Went to las cruses for orientation didn't show any of the school because it was that boring and bus boy wasn't there for most of it Kay so don't comment about the ...

Did somebody say blue cats

On Rio Grande River we hooked on to a 18 pound blue catfish.

Quinceañera 09/08/2018

Algo norteñito.

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I Can't Seem to Find These Fish!! | Pike On The Fly (or not) in New Mexico

I just can't give up on trying to catch some Northern Pike on this river. The Rio Grande is known to be a moody river as far as fishing goes. One day it might be ...

Reading the Ear and Focus work.

Reading your horse's ears and teaching him to focus will really help and soften him.

Wild Mustang training 4

Touching Pinon the Wild Mustang.

Vlogs with talyssa, Isabella and Aubrey In Math class!

Hey guys hope you enjoyed I will have the next vlog up when we have a sub Go subscribe to talyssas channel Tee Gallegos Byee.


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Living on love

New mexico music.

Owens finally clearing the trip

Introduction & inspiration

If this is your first time checking out my channel, Feel free to watch this video and comment below what you feel you would like to hear! I hope I can interact with ...

T18286 2018 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate package

Stock # T18286 Home of the Lifetime Warranty Los Lunas NM.

3:00am video

La mucura new mexico music

New mexico music.

Troi boi freestyle #Kinjas are dope

Music credit to troy boy.


First video


John doe get dressed!

John doe entrepreneur new mexico.

Try Games On My Old Pc Part 5

Lets see if games work on my pc.

I am David Bable and I am a wrestling mark

Doctor Of Creation -Trailer Teaser (13 Reasons Why)

Freestyle Catching Audiences Attention For An Album & A Sneak Peak For 2 Singles That Are Soon To Be Released.

March 3, 2019


Kingdom Barbershop

Go Visit Kingdom Barbershop today! Walk ins welcome!

Waiting for dark on Halloween

Where ive been/face reveal

June V-Log Challenge 2018 Entry #6

It's that time of year again. The June V-Log Challenge hot n fresh out the kitchen. Once again I will be talking about stuff in my personal life, pop culture, and ...

Marina del ray

New mexico music.

Don't close your eyes

Randy g.




Teaching a horse softness

Be happy with progress a little bit of right is better than a lot of wrong.

December 7, 2018

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Barco Chiquito

New mexico music.

Hey Guys! Friendly Toot from BNSF Crews!

We finished our chase at Dalies, NM where we wittnessed the construction of the new Triple Tracking and also new signal installs. After getting into position ...


Razzle dazzle


Best New Mexican Food in Bosque Farms!! Sopa’s Restaurant

NO WAY?! You've never been to Sopa's in Bosque Farms?! Your missing out! No seriously! It's time! Sopa's Restaurant is family owned and operated. We serve ...

Amtrak 3 receives a clear Dalies!

Weather in the city Los Lunas the week
         What is the weather in Los Lunas will be tomorrow? We know the answer to that question