los-lunas.ipub.us http://los-lunas.ipub.us en-US http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss socportals@mediacolo.com BAFTA Los Angeles Newcomers Program Expands to 25 Global Participants BAFTA Los Angeles announced this year’s prestigious Newcomers Program participants. With 25 participants hailing from Australia, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Nigeria, Poland, South Africa and Turkey, the 2019 cohort is the largest and most international group since the program’s launch in 2007. This year the group is 52% female and includes actors, directors, producers, […] http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3061118-bafta-los-angeles-newcomers-program-expands-25-global-partic Fri, 08 2019 18:39:32 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3061118-bafta-los-angeles-newcomers-program-expands-25-global-partic When rebellion over Prop. 187 got personal for the L.A. Times When the Los Angeles Times decided to endorse Pete Wilson in 1994, the newsroom rebelled. http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3061038-when-rebellion-over-prop-187-got-personal-l-times Fri, 08 2019 17:57:42 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3061038-when-rebellion-over-prop-187-got-personal-l-times One person dead as small plane crashes into house outside of Los Angeles The craft came down on a single-story home in Upland, California. http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3059601-one-person-dead-small-plane-crashes-house-outside-los-angele Thu, 07 2019 21:47:00 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3059601-one-person-dead-small-plane-crashes-house-outside-los-angele One person dead as small plane crashes into house outside of Los Angeles The craft came down on a single-story home in Upland, California. http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3059075-one-person-dead-small-plane-crashes-house-outside-los-angele Thu, 07 2019 20:37:33 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3059075-one-person-dead-small-plane-crashes-house-outside-los-angele Chris Brown holds yard sale with #039;significantly marked-down high-end items#039; at his Los Angeles home Chris Brown held a high-end yard sale Wednesday at his Los Angeles home, with hundreds of fans, gawkers and bargain-seekers waiting for hours to try to get a piece of the singer's stuff. http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3058311-chris-brown-holds-yard-sale-039significantly-marked-down-hig Thu, 07 2019 14:45:31 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3058311-chris-brown-holds-yard-sale-039significantly-marked-down-hig Milwaukee Bucks#039; Eric Bledsoe commits head-scratching gaffe during Los Angeles Clippers game Milwaukee Bucks guard Eric Bledsoe apparently had a brain lapse in the fourth quarter against the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night. http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3058190-milwaukee-bucks039-eric-bledsoe-commits-head-scratching-gaff Thu, 07 2019 13:22:47 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3058190-milwaukee-bucks039-eric-bledsoe-commits-head-scratching-gaff Los Angeles firefighter was paid $360G in overtime last fiscal year: audit A Los Angeles firefighter received more than $360,010 in overtime last fiscal year, a city audit found Wednesday, according to a report. http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3057862-los-angeles-firefighter-was-paid-360g-overtime-last-fiscal-y Thu, 07 2019 11:26:01 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3057862-los-angeles-firefighter-was-paid-360g-overtime-last-fiscal-y In Los Angeles and around the NFL, away fans are taking over This week the Chargers’ owner denied his team will relocate to London. But such rumors are unsurprising when home support strugglesThe Los Angeles Chargers returned to southern California on Sunday after playing the previous two weeks on the road, but it didn’t make much difference. Home-field advantage doesn’t really apply to the Chargers, not when visiting fans routinely make the team feel like they’re behind enemy lines in their own stadium. That was the case again on Sunday, when the Chargers hosted the Green Bay Packers. The predominant color in the stands was the green of the visitors, and the cheers rang out louder for Aaron Rodgers than Philip Rivers. The home team won, convincingly at that, but most people left the stadium disappointed.It has become one of the peculiar features of the NFL calendar since both the Chargers and Rams relocated to Los Angeles in 2017, marking a reunion between America’s second-largest market and its most popular sporting league: more often than not, the teams’ home games look and sound like home games for the opposition. Chargers players were showered with boos when they took the field against the visiting Philadelphia Eagles two years ago. The Rams got the same treatment last season at home against the Packers. Both Rivers, the Chargers quarterback, and Rams quarterback Jared Goff have regularly been forced to use a silent count to combat the noise generated by the away side’s fans, typically an unnecessary measure to take for a team playing at home. Continue reading... http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3057816-los-angeles-and-around-nfl-away-fans-are-taking-over Thu, 07 2019 09:00:50 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3057816-los-angeles-and-around-nfl-away-fans-are-taking-over LA Times accused of #039;blaming#039; Mexican cartel massacre victims by noting family#039;s #039;long history of violence#039; The Los Angeles Times faced fierce backlash for its coverage of the nine Americans murdered by a Mexican drug cartel this week, after a report highlighted the family's "long history of violence." http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3057586-la-times-accused-039blaming039-mexican-cartel-massacre-victi Thu, 07 2019 06:08:37 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3057586-la-times-accused-039blaming039-mexican-cartel-massacre-victi NFL, Los Angeles Chargers shoot down report of team#039;s alleged interest in moving to London Officials with the NFL and the Los Angeles Chargers on Tuesday slammed a report claiming the team was interested in relocating to London -- just a few years after picking up in San Diego and arriving in LA. http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3056333-nfl-los-angeles-chargers-shoot-down-report-team039s-alleged Wed, 06 2019 17:40:28 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/3056333-nfl-los-angeles-chargers-shoot-down-report-team039s-alleged