los-lunas.ipub.us http://los-lunas.ipub.us en-US http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss socportals@mediacolo.com 3 suspects detained in Los Angeles after aircraft hit by laser beams: report Three people were arrested in South Los Angeles early Friday for shining laser beams aircraft, police said. http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2682228-3-suspects-detained-los-angeles-after-aircraft-hit-laser-bea Fri, 17 2019 09:37:23 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2682228-3-suspects-detained-los-angeles-after-aircraft-hit-laser-bea Meikincine Takes Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo’s Debut Feature ‘Los fuertes’ (EXCLUSIVE) Omar Zúñiga Hidalgo’s debut solo feature “Los fuertes” has been picked up by Buenos Aires-based sales agent Meikincine which will represent the film’s rights on the international market. “Los fuertes” is a celebratory vision of a love between a big city guy and a small town male boatswain on the Chilean coast. When romance blossoms […] http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2681968-meikincine-takes-omar-zuniga-hidalgos-debut-feature-los-fuer Fri, 17 2019 05:23:30 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2681968-meikincine-takes-omar-zuniga-hidalgos-debut-feature-los-fuer Los Angeles police arrest woman they say was caught on camera snatching 4-year-old at McDonald’s Los Angeles police have arrested a woman they say was seen on camera kidnapping a 4-year-old boy at a California McDonald’s. http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2681487-los-angeles-police-arrest-woman-they-say-was-caught-camera-s Thu, 16 2019 22:48:45 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2681487-los-angeles-police-arrest-woman-they-say-was-caught-camera-s Una propuesta racista que involucra a los estudiantes de Palos Verdes High School provoca una fuerte reacción Una vez más, un post en los medios sociales que involucró a dos adolescentes con un mensaje racista ha provocado indignación en línea. La fotografía, publicada por varios usuarios en Twitter e Instagram, muestra a dos jóvenes que asisten a la escuela secundaria de Palos Verdes parados juntos y... http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2677602-una-propuesta-racista-que-involucra-los-estudiantes-de-palos Wed, 15 2019 15:21:00 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2677602-una-propuesta-racista-que-involucra-los-estudiantes-de-palos Frank Vogel, who is reportedly linked to Los Angeles Lakers coaching job, appeared on #039;Letterman#039; as kid The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly set to hire Frank Vogel as their new head coach, replacing Luke Walton who parted ways with the organization in April. http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2671431-frank-vogel-who-reportedly-linked-los-angeles-lakers-coachin Mon, 13 2019 06:52:27 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2671431-frank-vogel-who-reportedly-linked-los-angeles-lakers-coachin Los Angeles Fire Season Is Beginning Again. And It Will Never End. In Los Angeles, David Wallace-Wells writes, the wildfire season is beginning again, and it will never end. Angelenos are normalizing their suffering as quickly as climate change produces it. http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2671143-los-angeles-fire-season-beginning again-and-it-will-never-e Mon, 13 2019 01:01:32 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2671143-los-angeles-fire-season-beginning again-and-it-will-never-e Video: Los Angeles Mayor, Lakers Fan Eric Garcetti Calls LA a #039;Clippers Town#039; The Los Angeles Lakers have done a lot of losing over the last half-decade. Even the mayor of Los Angeles thinks the city's fandom has shifted... http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2665567-video-los-angeles-mayor-lakers-fan-eric-garcetti-calls-la-03 Fri, 10 2019 00:22:23 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2665567-video-los-angeles-mayor-lakers-fan-eric-garcetti-calls-la-03 More than 1,000 weapons seized from Los Angeles home A massive collection of more than 1,000 weapons were seized from a Los Angeles home. Aerial images showed a large variety of weapons poured across the home's driveway in Holmby Hills. http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2664857-more-1000-weapons-seized-los-angeles-home Thu, 09 2019 18:49:26 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2664857-more-1000-weapons-seized-los-angeles-home A battery plant released 3,500 tons of lead into Los Angeles. Now scientists have found lead in the baby teeth of local children. A battery plant in Los Angeles shut down in 2015 after releasing 3,500 tons of lead into nearby communities. A recent study detected significant levels of lead in the baby teeth of children living two miles away from the facility.  The samples matched up with soil tests from the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, which found average lead levels that were double the state's threshold. Sampling baby teeth could open new doors to determining lead exposure in children, since it allows researchers to look at exposure over time. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. For 15 years, the manufacturer Exide crushed car batteries into small pieces at a recycling plant in Vernon, California, a city south of downtown Los Angeles. From there, the company sifted for lead — a neurotoxin that's often used in battery manufacturing, but is dangerous to humans even in trace amounts. Just one milligram of lead — the equivalent of three granules of sugar — is enough to poison a child. Children exposed to lead can suffer permanent brain damage, which often results in learning disabilities and increased violent behavior. In adults, chronic exposure to low levels of lead can cause nausea, seizures, and reproductive issues. Read more: Here's how lead is poisoning American children Exide's recycling facility released 3,500 tons of lead into the surrounding area, exposing multiple neighborhoods to the toxic chemical. The company has since admitted to violating environmental laws, leading to the closure of its plant in 2015. Years later, the health hazard still lingers. Researchers at USC and Mount Sinai recently discovered lead in the baby teeth of children living two miles away from the recycling facility. The discovery could prefigure a new standard of testing that allows for early detection of lead exposure.  In their study, the researchers discovered lead levels that were consistent with concentrations found in the soil by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control. After testing more than 117,000 soil samples from nearly 8,000 properties, the department found average lead levels of 190 parts per million (ppm), or double the state's health threshold. Though the EPA's limit is higher (400 ppm), three dozen properties near the plant have been found to contain levels above 1,000 ppm, which qualifies their soil as hazardous waste. One property even contained a lead level of around 8,400 ppm, or more than 100 times the state limit.  The new study from USC and Mount Sinai demonstrates the persistent danger of contamination more than four years after the plant officially closed. By examining layers of baby teeth, the researchers were able to determine when children were exposed. Their data showed that some children were contaminated before they were born, when their mothers were in their second or third trimester. Others were contaminated in their first year of life.  The method of studying teeth was previously used by one of the Mount Sinai researchers, Manish Arora,to look at how the body's processing of zinc and copper relates to autism. In their latest study, Arora and his fellow researchers said that examining teeth could open new doors to determining lead exposure in children and unborn babies. Whereas the current method of lead testing — taking a blood sample — detects only recent exposure, teeth allow researchers to look at exposure over time. In a statement, the study's lead author, Jill Johnston, said that higher levels of lead in teeth were correlated with higher levels of lead in the brain, kidney, and bones. Once a person has been exposed to lead, the health effects are irreversible.  In Vernon, there's still a possibility that kids are coming into contact with lead in the air and soil. Though California has agreed to clean up the area's most polluted homes (around 2,500 properties), others aren't scheduled for remediation. As of April 2018, many homes that were due for cleanup had yet to be visited by the state. SEE ALSO: Bad conditions in New York City are exposing thousands of children to lead poisoning Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: What happens if you stop washing your hair for a year http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2663995-battery-plant-released-3500-tons-lead-los-angeles-now-scient Thu, 09 2019 13:05:00 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2663995-battery-plant-released-3500-tons-lead-los-angeles-now-scient Cache of 1,000 guns seized from Los Angeles mansion in raid Authorities seized more than a thousand guns from a large Los Angeles home after getting an anonymous tip regarding illegal firearms sales in a posh area near the Playboy Mansion. http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2662787-cache-1000-guns-seized-los-angeles-mansion-raid Wed, 08 2019 23:40:31 GMT http://los-lunas.ipub.us/news/2662787-cache-1000-guns-seized-los-angeles-mansion-raid